Hypertonic marine plasma VitaliSEA

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Our product

Hypertonic Marine Plasma VitaliSEA,

what is it ?

VitaliSEA is drawn in the Golfe de Gascogne in the Aquitaine South. The water is sourced in the gouf de Capbreton, far away from every pollution type and under extremely strict hygiene and safety conditions. After, it’s cold micro-filtered at 0,22m.

Our zone of collection is overhead the deeper abyssal waters of Europe, recognized for their exceptional marine biodiversity.

We give a special importance to the conception of our products, it’s why, the sea water Vitalisea isn’t salt-free. It’s allowed us to bring you all the benefits.



our product

How use it ?


Very rich in 100% bioavailable trace elements and minerals, VitaliSEA is ideal for salting and vitalising juices, soups, sauces, vegetables, raw vegetables and as a base for lacto-fermentation of foods.

Feel free to use VitaliSEA for your daily mouthwash, for its anti-inflammatory and remineralizing properties.

Our size is very generous with 3 liters of hypertonic marine plasma, it’s very practical to cook for exemple.

Hypertonic VitaliSEA is always available to the fridge with its spout cap. It’s easy to move and to use, the packaging is ecological because its production is low energy consumption.

It’s also based on a container in inert plastic who has proven its value and who is efficient in preserving the product and for keep organoleptics properties.

Protect from the light and the heat before the opening.

Can be stored 40 days to the fridge after the opening.


Nos recettes

How to integrate VitaliSEA into your recipes ?

                  Laboratory analyzes on VitaliSEA

 Here are VitaliSEA seawater analyzes that have been carried out in the laboratory, you can compare them to European standards on the LENNTECH website by clicking here. Be careful to use the same unit of measure for comparison !

Information about the plastic BIB containing the VitaliSEA



Here are the details about the composition of the VitaliSEA plastic containers that are produced by SMURFIT KAPPA.
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